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cians, and with the sanction of the child's friends." Let us hope that

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often necessary to have recourse to diffusible stimulants at the com-

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name of the college or body by which they were graduated or licensed. The

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induration about the hip and the upper third of the thigh. The scar tissue

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Handy-Book of Ophthalmic Surgery. — By John Z. Laurence, F. R.

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from suppressed gonorrhoea, troubled sleep, and about every other

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claim \^^hatever, and they should be sent to their own homes, as re-

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scarlatina has, generally speaking, prevailed to an unusual extent in

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temporary shelters, with dressing station equipment, and we have got

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being paft, there fprings up litt/e round Heads, where-

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whether all our preconceived opinions as to the a priori indications for

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is that in which the changes induced by position are the most remark-

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and thereby frees the Patient from Apoplexies, Epi-

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an attack of what was called " colic." There was then constant

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thing went on favourably, and he rapidly gained his health and strength.

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both Purge and Vomit ; but they all carry off Sharp,

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only in England , but alfo in molt parts of Europe ,

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Nov. 9, 1865. — After transacting the business of the Academy,

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short an attack of fever. I do not mean to say that you have in typhus,

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the edges, and the flowers are of a more pale yellow ,

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loud bruit de soufflet. These affections were followed by dyspnoea and

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patient was troubled for some time with the usual sequelae of diph-

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potency. Prompt relief followed, and no other medicine was

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In the same year that truly estimable physician, Br. Thompson, pub-

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You may also have recourse to venesection within the first day or

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cal university in America. Dr. Duncan reported on Briglit's Disease.

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complication of s^'mptoms, some aggravation of the disorder. This

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a propellant and as a bursting charge for the projectile, and the projectile.

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fini , Sagittaria major latifolia , the greater broad


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