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the cysticerci are very numerous and penetrate the brain, signs of

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caught with chaff. It is taken from the Alta Californian:

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the sailor, tempted by the favorable direction of the first part of the circle,

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relaxed, thus giving a latitude of motion to the head which greatly facili-

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substernal region, while it is so dangerous to the patient, which must be

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Massage and cold water applications should be employed at first, to

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This operation does not aim at effecting a cure, but is simply for the

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weeks or even months, but after a time they become less capable of

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"Acute and chronic forms are seen. The former has the general

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for ages the main pillars of therapeutics ; and which still stand firm in

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After carefully estimating the amount of matters excreted from the skin, the

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health and life be protected from the impositions of ignorant pretenders

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conditions do exist where the disease prevails. Though some connexion

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of this disease and gives origin to its severer symptoms, as well as to the

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erty, amounting to £30,000." I did not stop to ask myself the question

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the cranial box, which is thus provided with a double wall. At one

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u.-is soughl in iM'w remedies to throttle the disease, so long has

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be simple tension or slight dilatation. When indigestion or enteritis is

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These cases show the result of thecal abscess unrelieved by incision.

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5x7 1-2, 230 pages and 10 full page illustrations of

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One finds phrenitis or meningitis pretty uniform, and " exhibits" a

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Nicolle and Adil-Bey (1899) state that it exists in a latent form in

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