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and there would be no subjects favorable to its attack.
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ing. Apply a close fitting flannel bandage, extending from the
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of pneumo-thorax is easy, and the con-
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drawal of the organ, it is necessary to proceed as follows : — •
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preventing domestic, as we now had prevented foreign, adulterations. The
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descent of the right kidney. I need not only to mind you of the
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Journal says a State institution cannot succeed because it " is not sus-
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tientlemen we have come to study our duty as scientific men, and especially as
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sipelatous peritonitis, and delivered two other females in rapid succession.
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estimated that the system was in effect for over 212 millions
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leaves the trevis, but, although this is more difficult to explain, lameness
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This examination will also detect the existence on the lips of wounds,
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this was the only cause of the postponement would be to charge cowardice
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they scarcely deserve to be regarded even as hypotheses. ThusAnacker
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inoculate it with small-pox. Vaccination had been discovered.
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acute i^haryngitis. The action of rough forage may of itself explain the
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cite deep inspirations. Too frequent stimulation would probably, as in
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in the case of any one near and dear to me I should never per-
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time and were similarly affected, but less severely. In these cases
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portant beneficienl action op n the vasomotor Bystem of the
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Interference wdth the return circulation induces lesions due to venous
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The necessity of a thorough preparation for professional study is not
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own fireside, worn out with cold and fatigue, he finds another summons.


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