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The ease of application of quinine prophylaxis, as compared with

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choice of over 68,000 patients, our company is 100% owned and 100%

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persuasion, however, would convince this patient of that fact, and

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found practically free of disease. Following the defervescence of fever

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serum obtained from a recovered case whose blood yielded a negative

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bowels as nearly as polRble in a natural Itate by gentle laxatives,

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and previous habits, almost disappear before the advan-

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meaning, for that part of the plan devoted to medical

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milk and heat gently. When the mixture begins to thicken, remove frum

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would bear a direct relation to, and correspondence with, the intensity

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out of my Ignorance, I decided that was the way one

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cal work on military surgeons the use of a wet compress

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caused by injuries to the skull, which is not relieved by the Bromide

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vent them turning black, and remove the shells. Allow the

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ish-green, with marks of the threads of the cloth on the surface ;

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paper read last year before this Society by Dr. Himt, in which

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from any more lengthened investigation of that brilliant

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nausea or any sign of digestive disturbance, but acute epigas-

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must always be very guarded in giving our prognosis, which the patient gener-

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powder form or in the form of an ointment with lard, in

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that, if they don't do any gc^, they will not be harmful ;

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averaged 5.75, which would indicate a ventilation efficiency equivalent

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Ufies. — Antipyretics are employed to diminish fever. It

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