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more or less extensive, sometimes associated with pleurisy, was found
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arrive at an exact diagnosis except after injection- of tuberculin, for
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grotski, 1875; Pflug, 1876), in Switzerland (Hess, 1888), and also in
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umbilicus, rachitis, peri-pneumonia, retention of the foetus, dysentery,
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pecting that the loco disease may depend on the tapeworm disease."
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Laboratory. From the beginning of the epidemic it was believed
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The term pneumo-mycosis, or pulmonary aspergillosis, is used to denote
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In the absence of pulmonary lesions it is extremely difficult to
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frequent and almost imperceptible. From time to time the animal
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portion of disorganized glands and other substances were brought away.
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distention of the kidney or ureter. The origin of renal pain
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required ; but if rice water discharges still occasionally continue, five or
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The tendency of currents at the equator is vertical. The re-
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be the case, but the tympanites of the rumen and gaseous distension
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irregular and knobby, and studded with little rounded eminences like the
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removed through the mouth by the use of an ecraseur or simply by
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pneumo-thorax. Treatment is useless, for even allowing that the primary
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