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leadership in health movements in their communities. 3. To

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etc., etc. This is a history of the late epidemic, at New Orleans, and con-

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simultaneously the venous pulse in the jugulars will be particularly

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Essays rewarding of prizes, reported fifteen received — and the awarding of

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drops of the same solution, and again without apparent alteration in the

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ygen of the air, not only its life, but a hsematokinetic or motive power

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The attacks are attended by laryngismus and its effects, and are fol-

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Vt., says Drs. Hall and Dexter, thirty cases occurred, only one of which

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be fastidiously excluded from fellowship, or his aid refused in consultation,

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originating in the parotid region and in the upper part of the neck

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is debilitated and deranged in chronic diseases, hy genie regulations are

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Helmmthiasis due to round worms like stron- ^^^^.a sheep. (After

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day to day, and examination of the blood reveals abundant leucocytosis,

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Fever till the summer of 1848, when I met with it at this place; and

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should look to the climate of the country in which it may occur, to the

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Later the warmth and sensitiveness of the horns, the partial dulness,


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