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ially in the event of giving birth to an illegitimate child, w r ith all the

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In France ringworm is particularly common in Auvergne and

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these crises, the respiration again becomes silent.

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contact with the air, the Wharton's jelly retracts, the whole undergoes

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operations, four deaths, four cures, one without any apparent effect, and

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Commission appointed by the Vcademy of Medicine of Paris;

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also been used advantageously. The above drugs, but particularly the

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others, and having no connection with them. On the 3d and 4th, sev-

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As, however, in spite of all precautions, animals regarded as

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small doses of morphine, followed perhaps by a mild laxative of castor

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lowed by siujM.r, temporary mania, and a tendency to suicide.

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purpose of allowing animals which would otherwise be valueless to be

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of Medicine, by Thomas F. Reilly, M. D., and Economic Con-

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no faster. Aware of the fate of many remedial agents urged upon the-

revia tablets trade name

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Castration of the sow has been practised since very ancient

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in tuberculosis of other joints. Being superficial, change in the

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of setting up cellulitis or the formation of deep abscesses of the pelvis.

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relative to the treatment of chancre ; but you know that, according to

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Examination per rectum will then permit of the diagnosis being made.


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