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Front and Carlton Streets, Worcester, Mass. Each number contains thirty-two

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these remedies on, they do not do so much good. The

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account of severe anxiety, grief, or anj'- other moral

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The instruments were removed and reapplied and in the course of a

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A. H. Wells, Wm. B. Sheppard, and Wm. S. Sampson, five of whom are

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dominal cavity, then the tumor cavity were flushed out

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I witnessed an operation for vesico vaginal fistula.

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ous growth has sloughed away from the action of local ap-

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by its effects. May in some cases with advantage alternate the potash

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This has for its object the cleansing of the affected mucous

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lining, and continuous with the remainder of the bronchus. How-

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ation ; and it is my opinion these principles were not carried

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tember, 1891, suddenly lost her self-control, and for a

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de Lyon (1890), 1897, xxxvi, pt. 2, 58. . L'hemato-

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yet happily resulting in recovery, encourages us never

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