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in increased amount until on March 11, 1916, she was receiving

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solution appears to hinder the natural chimiotactic

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not need intubation, if the reports are true, and it might save many of

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to render both the lntercostals and the rami communi-

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and understanding may be so imperfect that his property would necessarily

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This plant has narcotic properties, but taken internally it pro-

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the seventeenth and eighteenth days. The bathing caused the pa-

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gonorrhoea, burns, contusions, and open wounds. In dijihtheria

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is not hanged," etc. (i) Dr. Maudsley also animadverts severely

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ossific node at the end of the femur ; the reiaains of the umbilical cord

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presents himself the fifth October after the commence-

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longevity of all. In order to do this, we must devote an intelligent

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established the fact that the micro-oriranisms were

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reach, renders the operation extremely liazardous and

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bouillon culture fatal in minute quantity to mice. Intraperitoneal in-

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.scarlet fever varies greatly in this respect. lias

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" tojrepaS, H. B. " bap, B. 44 he benlmb, O. 41 milte, 0.

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secreting and extending ulcer may spontaneously trans-

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the pain radiates upwards into the neck or towards the occiput, down the

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tract is very difficult to determine with any accu-

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But why these phenomena ? What is the immediate cause ?

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of recent aneui'ism, and of the thoracic aorta ; old aneurisms, lined

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Mr. J. B. Thomson, and is appended to the " Twenty-seventh

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The Present-Day Scope of Clinical Cytology John B. Hazard, Cleveland

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compared the two editions. Pulteney says that Johnson procured the

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evidence as to the influence of heredity upon phthisis on the one hand and

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placed in a close juxtaposition,- the granular fatty matter of oil globules

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phleboliths, especially if catheters or bougies of varying risistance

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in the hepatic cells, and ultimately the secretion is arrested, and the

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cytes play a similar role with the malarial pigment, with the granules

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Dr. Horne said he had a patient who had gone through ten

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the spinal nerves. Thus two paths exist by which vaso-

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lities being as distinct towards the centre as at the periphery

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cnffl " 6ed ^ 0t . b - Sh0wn that the testimony is false U

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ney to the German city of Neustadt in northern Bavaria.

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scanty flow, a suspicion of extrauterine pregnancy ought

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