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is found not only in the sinus and the galactophorous canals, but

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tissues, gas may pass from the rumen into the channel produced by

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We insert the following Circular with great pleasure. The work of Medical

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microbes, originating in the intestines, and carried to the liver by the

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The results of the above operation not always proving permanent,

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gastric movements is a grand cause of impaction. In such cases, too,

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dog which, during a corresponding period, had been supplied with food

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or injuries in the region of the heart, and in a few cases to the

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were, of a more perfect pathology; and the lancet and the brandy

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the head of " generation of the disease," one can easily infer what

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after day, from breakfast time till 12 and 2 o'clock at night, in a hot

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cyst; a gallstone impacted in the hepatic or common duct; a

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dyspepsia, but have also been subject to severe attacks of neuralgia. In

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O, uraclms ; R, rectmn. Umbilical cord : Vo, Umbilical vein ; A<x, allantoid

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product in not being capable of perfect coagulation.

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States and in Europe; of the preparatory training to which medical

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The ox harbours two forms of Hce^natopinus and one of Trichodectes,

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the thinness of its walls. The picture corresponds with that

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crusts due to discharge, etc., and will remark any peculiarities pre-

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powdered from the blunt point of your old jack-knife, you old Clyster-


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