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wards twisted into a spiral by means of special forceps, the excess of
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tinued and severe, the discharge is a thin mucus, sometimes tinged
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appearance, but is always supplemented by another cause, viz., the
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in Moller and Dollar's " Eegional Surgery," pp. 831 — 835.
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of what are called by u the world's people' bilious trouble, were frequent,
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It shows symptoms resembling those of horses suffering from a severe
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with very great virulence. They attack some point on the endocardium,
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So, too, in convulsions, the practitioner has often, from the stimulus of
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the Medical Faculty of the University of Louisville. He will
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script periodical issued by the society. The exercises of the evening were of
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upon the heart and arteries, as manifested by a diminution of the force
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The nature of the parasitic or microbic agent which produces the
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in valuable animals, is comjDleted by firmly suturing the lips of the wound,
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small streams about as large as would flow through a crow quill. Never-
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the inflamed mucous surfaces. This constituted the principal part of
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All the other organisms which Moussu has tested have caused lesions
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students' boarding houses to determine whether the infection was
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pig occurs readily. The disease may be conveyed from oxen to pigs
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mamma is only calculated to do good in conjunction with, or after a
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The operations which may be done are numerous, but the
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Deaver (Annals of Surgery, -lime. 1911) speaks r acute
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say. I called upon different poets to write for me, upon subjects which
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