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The reading of an Essay, by Dr. R. C. Mackall, upon the Influence of the

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on Sunday morning, the head was partially engaged in the

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variety or a species, we have no desire to institute a quarrel with it.

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ciple articles of diet in common use in our country, I shall dis-

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organ, or set of organs, but it conveys the idea of congestion, in

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most wholesome articles of diet, common in our country, and

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ibles can, in no case, encounter such a temperature as to

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in the minute in three hours ; and five minutes later ninety-six.

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the Rectum,'^ read by invitation before the Medical Society of

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wine — constituted the principal agents in the general treat-

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its sedative action in certain forms of disease is another question.

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saiV any thing in connection with the University it will be some mani-

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meridian of his days, deeply regretted, not only by the profession of which he was a

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introdced, ceased in three or four minutes, and the patient expe-

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may arrive. An serial poison, which in compliance with usage I

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tion to the cure of disease; and on this account I am induced to

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returned, but yielded again as it was resumed. Partial anaesthesia was

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icals on diseases of children. He also made large contributions to the

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wound was found to have united firmly, and there was not the

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down as a Law, that this power acts in the direction downwards

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ity. We propose now, to continue the subject, by pointing out

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(dr. vj — oz. j. for twenty-four hours), sometimes with small

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teration; and at the present moment, the colleges should simply be made to

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certain that the lungs may he as seriously implicated, and,

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tion of the fluid." After enumerating the experiments of certain

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For the benefit of those who may question the existence of

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Too strong a diet and a life of inactivity, produce an excess of

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a report just made to the Biological Society of Paris, by Doc-

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given, if necessary, to relieve pain and induce sleep.

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woman of middle age was presented, in whom had occurred a spon-

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disability is due to gross injury to the cricoid or

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tus is the only sure diagnostic mark between bruise or sprain and

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scientific point of view, it is nevertheless well written and valu-

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by any means unpleasant — and the dryness of the throat had extended to

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I have removed the cerebrum and cerebellum ; it does not there-

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