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"huh earried aua\ a Luj:. portimi of his ba.k in the middle dor^.d region.
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sense of understanding the abnormal function of the brain arising from
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grade, and then the condition may for a long time remain unchanged.
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spicuous a place as Trafalgar-square, proved so irritating a
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A true " craft palsy " is definitely due to the craft, and interferes
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was not more productive of crime than defect of any
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intervals for many years, and whose hair had become gray on one side
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^This is a clinical manual —written for the busy man in general practice. You g^t the pith
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Another fallacy is, " the ulceration of the os " fallacy.
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** sujet 4 I'ordre du jour." He cites a thesis by Klim, containing sixty cases, and
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and all prevailing scourge of the human race, would seem to be
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the same phenomenon upon addition to another culture, and so on, indefinitely.
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tient on April 1st of the present year. He had begun by mak-
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the central portion of the annular forms ; but even before the transfor-
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oozing from the freshened surfaces had ceased, grafts were
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deficiency of factor X can occur in patients with amyloidosis;
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assists the admission of fresh air. (The complete appa-
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better weekly reports are than annual reports, for the
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Fiirrer describes carefully two cases of von Jaksch's anaemia
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tion, the plumber turned out to be a man of broad views and capa-
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when rejected every other place of employment would
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2. Female, aged forty-eight years; flatulence, neu-
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febris pneumonica ; acute pneumonia ; chronic pneumonia ; lobar
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Dr. QiAiN : I have not the least objection to that.
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spleen, and may be found in otlier organs. It is found in tlie blood, especially
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lung is separated from the thoracic wall by the air, so that the fluid can
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pushed over the anterior surface of the eyeball. This would also explain the approximation
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which was entirely stagnant. In many places the water was
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same in pregnant and non-pregnant women. He claimed that pregnancy was
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night the patient had had an extremely severe attack, which
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observations were soon forgotten. The development of the cellular
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his strong conviction of the advantages of the mixture as
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had no startings in the limb ; re-dressed it, carefully letting
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In superficial buryis or scalds one of the following remedies
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small phials tilled with gilded pills, some pieces of a
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comprehensive exposition of the most mcdern surgery, both in its principles and practice.
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Fifth District — Dr. Charles E. Denison, of New York.
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Lunatic Asylum, report of State of Massachusetts, 512.
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hears with his brain. For example, a man is awakened
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ninety-nine to one it will be kept out of the succeed-
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In all cases of resulting convergence, the degree was
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cats ; in three instances, enlargement and pigmentation of the mesenteric glands
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— Dr. T. G. Thomas (Medical Record^ Feb. 8), after presenting
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skin and favors increased elimination. During the febrile stage
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for tlie absence of an atmosphere and of water vapor on the
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Dr. D. L. Beckingsale, formerly of Covina, has located at Chine.
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clause in many an old English title-deed, happily still carried
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hold her on the bed, and then had gone into convul-
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be partially fattened by preserving them from all sources of ex-


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