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polite, and at last, tired of his poor servant, abruptly ready to turn

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Utah : Salt Lake City, March 23 30, 33 cases, 2 deaths.

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insane; but it does not appear likely that such mistakes will occur


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conditions, Stieglitz believes the vacuole formation to

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doses of calomel lor the removal of a " cream-colored, thick, viscid, and

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pire that was able to rule by love such a great country

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side, pain in the left shoulder, hepatitis ; irritation of the glans

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pour it into a solution of nitrate of silver, and add ammonia

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manipulation. In this connection, too, it is well to remember that

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that the mark of the ligature went uninterruptedly round the whole

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good care, with the feeding properly directed, a bottle-

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fact that the previous history is not obtained, or that the facta

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that is, the same quantity of the former will make more and richer

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5. The Causes of the Entrance of Oxygen into the Blood in

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vomiting. Perforating ulcer of the stomach being fieir the more fre-

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Soc. bflsedecbir., Brux., 1898-9,vi, 353-355.— Estlander.

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doubtedly meconium. On examining the child the anus ap-

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the wound with a probe, whether the bullet has entered the cav-

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movements of the trunk and other muscles concerned that the patient

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throat space is so small I can not get my finger well into the vault,

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is : Can the body maintain itself in an efficient condition, as

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being too far advanced, but merely for the purpose of relief.

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und biil)bliii «j[ (tTepUatio rediuc). The crepitations have a sharp,

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routine of life. The pedagogic trend has been toward

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ration the condition is not determinable. A gangrenous odor of the

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was composed under the direction of the son of the great ^Marshall

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the period of the arrival of the epidemic cholera, he lost one in

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ing my electric one, I was soon able to locate and extri-

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oral tests, a great number of morbid preparations were sub-

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(guanfacine hydrochlonde) should be used with caution in patients with

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the Pacific, and as such its exceptional rate is sufficiently

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tracted into the chronic form; when we notice an increase of pain

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body. The operator now leans forward (fig. 315) and throws his

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k, Is typho-malarial fever a special type of fever?" Dr. Woodward's opin-

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die Katzeunter Ijerum Wiilzen aufkiihleiu Raseii. (P.4U0, u. s.) If

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Doctor. — " You see, wifey dear, I have pulled my

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strongly recommend elixoid mucin solution which should be sprayed on the

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ditions and matters." During 1987 we had a request from

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soft systolic murmur. The liver is but slightly increased in size. Auscul-

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The sanitarian places no reliance upon the filtration of water in

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dressing was guided by the discharge, temperature, etc., and the same

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