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after on operative manipulation. (See also Moller and Dollar's "Eegional

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by the stomach, has been addecl£to the treatment just described,

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ities, without being malignant (cases reported, v. Franque,

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tr. opii, gtt. 60, to be followed by 30 more in two hours.

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H. J. Whitacre, Cincinnati (Journal A. M. A., June 24),

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psoroptic, or chorioptic scabies. Follicular, or demodectic, mange affects

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ounces of broth into which a teaspoonful of barley jelly has

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2. Does it acquire these only after it has reached the ute-

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nail. Removal of the offending nail is painful, and is often followed by

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or certain relations seem to exist between this cause and malaria or

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At the meeting of the Kentucky State Board of Health held

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closed vessels at the body temperature and with similar agents fed for

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only occupy thirty-seven and a half cubic inches, or very little more than

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What I am about to say, gentlemen, is done with all due

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extreme cases it may be as late as forty-eight hours. The following is

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Dr. Levi N. Smith, of Clinton, at bis borne July 1, from

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have vastly extended the range of our perceptions. The telescope has

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The method used was the same as in those formerlv rep ite 1 and

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