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mixed bred merino sheep suffer severely. In summer the animals are
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symptoms of cerebral inflammation. The second is remarkable. Opium,
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Neoplasms of the Larynx, by Charles M. Robertson, M. D. ;
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tion in the lumbar region, scarcely to be dignified by the
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Then, at suitable hours each day, let this room be thrown open to the
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processes Our clinical manifestati as lead us to believe thai
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America, from larkspur poisoning, the number of animals lost amounting
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the personal supervision of the physician. Repeatedly have I
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patient is a hundred or but twofold, it seems to me that I have
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able, and you have faithfully earned the reward of years of patient study. la.
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and the degree of tension in the spiral folds to some extent indicate
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that part of a Bowles' stethoscope. A piece of rubber tubing
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hypertrophy of the bone, destruction of the compact layers, and the
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if the animals are thin-skinned, more or less extensive erythema may
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portion of the cord, which remains attached to the umbilicus, dries on
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wards were no more crowded through their early years than they were in
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inoculate the bare patches of skin left after a primary eruption of
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confidence, their mind is a thousand leagues from the truth; their


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