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knowledge of the agony endured, as evidenced during the continuance of

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were, of a more perfect pathology; and the lancet and the brandy

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affected, and sometimes the peritonitis is generalised.

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sound as of borborygmus. Eeduction is easier when the animal is

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ted. Now, thirty-six minims of chloroform, when in the form of vapor,

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Before iuhaling the chloroform, he took tr. opii. gtt. 75. 10, P.M. Quite

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the symptoms diminish and disappear, giving place to normal health. In

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ercise, and, being stimulated by the example of the seniors, many of

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he was at that moment rushing to the captain's assistance. Instantly

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animals which have reacted, and (2) those which have resisted.

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and in the other the name of a symptom. Hence the distinction be-

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Hernia, I raised up the lower border of the testicle with the left hand,

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ration of eggs. Without going into all of the other observations on

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the urethra render retention of urine much rarer. It is certainly

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"all ureteral calculus produces destruction Of the kidney.

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by degeneration, is proportionately less able to withstand pressure.


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