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of pungency — the pulse frequent and feeble, being more than a hundred
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still more rarely in milch cows. In the last named the injurious
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Fig. 189. — Portion of a steer's hide, showing the Texas fever tick {Boophilui
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to the injured e irps, will be placed before the Board of Public
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acting on opium-drugged nerves, is exceeding apt to produce maniacal
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is useless to attempt to repeat on large domestic animals the brilliant
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of the artificial opening, and the fits recurred with equal frequency and
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faces are powdered with a mixture of equal parts of boric acid, tannin,
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Your Committee believe that no system of medicine should receive the
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of peristalsis is of the utmost diagnostic and prognostic
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be detected by examination or palpation. Nevertheless, in cases of
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from New York, having served an internship in the city Hos-
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to the Isolation Ward, of whom six were in the Hospital popu-
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On auscultation. — No respiration over whole of left chest, except, from
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other classes were supplied shortly after, and that then a la . lus
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losses which formerly proved so heavy may entirely be prevented.
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iodine, was applied in place of the emp. vesc. After one hour the pain
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Typhoid Fever is remittent in either of its stages, of which we think we


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