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at least, stirring the liquid and sediment. The boiling should be con-

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the mouth may accompany the above and arouse fears of peritonitis.

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divided food stuffs — meal and bran — eaten greedily, may pass in quantity

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Layer) ; 4. Muscles (Deep Layer) ; 5. Respiratory Ap-

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and holds the head high, with the ears pricked. The eyes are

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this Association. We believe, that this subject should be examined from

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It may 1m- well to state, that I had taken pains to assure myself that

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tic until the expiration of from twelve to twenty-four hours, and then

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pears to be the heart's action which maintains the onward flow of blood

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and the abomasum receives imperfectly prepared material. The result

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loose pseudo-membranous adhesions, apparently the product of the costal

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