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if urethral affections, already so common, are not more frequent, we

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flock is badly infested, and when serious symptoms appear to threaten

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Every good attend you and your noble and liberal institutions !

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are rare, or at least secondary ; lacerations produced from within, on

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It ia to 1».' deplored that there should be any discrepancy of council

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Causation. All infections accompanied by lesions of the kidneys,

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duct owes it- origin. Now, long before adopting the precise method of

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reader can use the book in either direction, whether he desires to

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pus is of a fibroid character, and covered with merely a thin lamina of

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were had reeonrse to, the patient sank under symptoms of collapse, and

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below upwards, which can be removed after a lapse of half an hour to

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assume an attitude indicating pain. They remain in one position,

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seems to be suspended or very difficult. The urine may be albuminous

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seen by the " English Hippocrates," was noticed also by Armstrong, and

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Taking up the pathological changes in ttie urinary tract.

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part of the right lung were implicated : but I could not detect any cavi-

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dency to nausea, and vomiting. Diarrhoea may be present : At a later

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stances, render them obnoxious to affections of these organs, reluctantly


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