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Ditman, Ph. D., M. D. Paper. Pages, 73. Price, 25 cents.

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cases the importance of prolonged rest was enjoined. In the less

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viz., the Distoma hepaticum or Fasciola hepatica, and the Distoma lanceo-

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soon. What caused their death? 1st, The organic Lesion producing

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Parsons, Albro L. Surgery of the Russo-Japanese War 302

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degrees of rapidity with which it passes through the different

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The blood then is a great pool, a cesspool oftimes in certain forms

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Our October and November numbers are delayed by accidents beyond our

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LONG» "Book of the Pig*." Its selection, Breeding,

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plied with whiskey and punch. No amendment visible. Chloroform

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tated. In the former operation the horn covering the sole is first

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commences with a careful description of the observations and experi-

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should aspirate it, since relief of pain is immediate. Strapping

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natm'al opening of the Fallopian tube into the uterus allows pus

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within comparatively^ recent times, and only after Weisse's experiments

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