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tween it and scaphoid and internal cuneiform : 3, external malleolus articulation
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found of two kinds — (1) non-nitrogenous, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and
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consciousness on the part of the patient of any morbid condi-
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Dr. Glovee moved, and Dr. Pollock seconded, the adoption
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out a nerve, both In Its general ramifications, and in the special distribution of its filaments, fbr motion, to the mus-
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Under ordinary circumstances the disease begins in the apical portion
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normal, and the longitudinal striation also is very obvious. There is an
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Chronic ulcerative phthisis usually begins at the apices.
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immediate danger from severe and repeated attacks of haemor-
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filth, he regards these conditions, however, as excep-
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mus following turning. In all tliree of these cases the diagnosis
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Tvdth blood, and beneath the diora mater there was an extravasation
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slightly adherent, the surface was finely granular, and
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tem connects with that of the neighboring village. The
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such members of the profession as desired it from con-
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turn to a tumor of the brain. Before speaking of the cases where
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ton Montgomery, M.D., Rochester, Minnesota. . . 989
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zation — ^in horses a constant intensive treatment fox twelve to four-
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Cafie (P.-L.-B.) N6crologie. J. d. conn. mM. prat.,
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About twelve months ago, whilst lying in the Downs, he had a very severe attack of
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air is ceasing to perform that function. As a result of these
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jaundice usually accompanies it, for the common or hejjatic duct is en-
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required to be made. The most difficult part of the duty of a medical jurist
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required primary open reduction. Significant avascular
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basis, was 14.88 per 1000, or nearly 42 per cent less. It is not
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1919. When seen by Dr. Patrick he had in all seven ulcers, of
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In the right pleural cavity six, in the left five pounds of clear
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return directly one looks at him or approaches the bedside. They
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Lancet, July 20lh, 1861. | laxed. To have an ounce of the nitrate of
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of insanity. From 1855 to 1862 the same author has been
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In a case which occurred to Dr. Outrepont, of Bamberg (reported in Henke's
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type of adynamic fever, and the inflammations when they occurred, either
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that certificates of successful vaccination shall be { much obli^'ed if you will feivour them, at your earliest
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The free exhibition of quinine is advantageous. In a few instances
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lute neutrality there must be a mixture of salts in definite pro-


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