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parts may be enveloped in ice bags or compresses of iced water

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leaves killed a yearling lamb in tw^o hours, the dose having been given by

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This form of inflammation of the liver is somewhat rare in animals of

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some countenance to the opinion of those who, from failure to analyze

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forms of arthritis. The means are simple, and consist in always

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I believe that every impartial observer, who views the facts set forth

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however, is a very rare accident. As a rule the obstruction is merely

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surpervene on the slightest accidents. It is of still more importance that he

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be prevented from lying down until the wound has firmly united.

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cases there may be some doubt, as where the urine remains normal, in

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abounded throughout the entire abdomen and pelvis, which of coir

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liability to fatal injuries, with greater facility in reading its indications. On

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A patient who has thus selected his physician, should always apply for

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ment of fistulse in the region of the neck. Most fistulae, however, in

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If you ask me, however, what became of the leech which produced

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(2.) Death by asphyxia is almost the only fatal termination of

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scribed as the formation of a series of ulcers, single or confluent, dis-

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Dr. Chas. A. Lee offered a resolution severely censuring those Medical

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The nature of the lesions is ascertained by rectal examination, and


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