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ive heart action in the acute fevers. Although his pathological

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such as those of pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, pericarditis, and abscess

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loric acid could be entirely withdrawn by distillation from soda-lime. A quantity so

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right side of the abdomen in the flank region, about equidistant from

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be struck with the plausibility of the hypothesis offered in explanation

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its remuneration; have, for a long time, acknowledged the fact that

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late she has menstruated scantily, and at irregular intervals, but the fits

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Few men who have not "written a book" upon the subject, are satis-

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Fig. 5. — Head of a pig suffering from osseous cachexia.

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work of selecting the extracts used was extremely difficult, if

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the diagnosis can only be confirmed during life by manual examination

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affected, whilst the venom has shown its lurking agency by causing

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to which patients are liable in this malady. I am not aware that these

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very much increased, the tumefaction having extended to the clavicle

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the plant is said to act more upon the uterine system, bringing on the

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discarded. Its connection with Humoral Pathology attainted it, and it

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We shall give this work a brief review for two reasons: one is,

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These old-standing lesions cause atrophy of the abdominal organs,


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