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pneumonia and simple j^neumonia during life, simple pneumonia having

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worse and \ as thought to be dying. We found, however, that what

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pretty freely before 12. The first matter thrown up was a large quantity

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peristaltic wave of contraction occurs, with the result that all the material

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matism" is simply one of 'he many manifestations of

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— Manual of "The Theory and Practice of Equine Medicine."

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the constituent tissues of the kidney may be affected, simultaneously

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in low places may well complain ; hence I have ventured to notice the

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or in a flock at the season when the lambs are castrated, no hesitation

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The skin becomes hard, dry, fissured and cracked, and sometimes

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ing up<ni me all at once, at the same time that, from being a husband,

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gists tell us that the reflex area, lying between the scapulae is

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molar teeth may also produce the disease without the rest of the buccal

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observe, a few mornings since, that the diarrhoea or cholorine, which had

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posed in a drop of water, under the simple microscope, the two layers of

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snoring or whistling, without any suggestion of suffocation ; but if, on

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