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scientious anesthetist. He does not believe that it will soon

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times without any visible cause at all — epistaxis sets in, the blood being

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ena manifested themselves. 50 m.m. of mercury caused pain

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virtue and the chastity which so often become its victims.

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mammary or jugular vein. Since their time, however, objections have

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he has confined himself to the Surgical treatment of maladies of the Eye;

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the instrument along his right forearm. The arm must be retained

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the onset, my treatment was in the main decidedly tonic and stimula-

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ogy, &c, before taking the student into an hospital or clinique, and con-

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Terminations. (1.) Eesolution. — This is indicated by the attenuation

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portant parts of the subject of pediatrics, and to furnish him

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preferable to that recommended by German authors — viz., the applica-

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be quietly taken from the bath and placed into a linen sheet

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At this stage the all -important point to determine was whether

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and not a part of the amount passed into the small bowel as

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you by an appointment in the institution, contrary to the verdict of the

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ments of the retro-pharyngeal lymphatic glands, inflammatory en-

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by the moist method, in which a drop of blood is compressed under a


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