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It is not at all unusual to find the men coming from the country

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diseases, so that all of the more important systomatic phenomena

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entery or has been diagnosed tubercular enteritis, for maybe

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Med. Sci., Aug., 1839, p. 525,] mentions one case in a list of nineteen,

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loose, and mastication is rendered impossible, especially as the inflam-

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jointly, the only county organizations, I believe, in this part of the state.

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the following general characteristics : — The disease is distributed the

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Reginald M. Rawls, New York (Medical Record, October

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sant congestive symptoms. Continued the- pill to-day, and an enema of

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I am aware that these few cases in my limited experience do

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time I saw her ; she was still, as I before remarked, to a certain degree

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to rise ; if the front feet alone are affected the animal kneels in front

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have ascertained and proved that they can be employed before that age.

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structed by semi-digested material from the rumen, or plunges into

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Bodies, Lagrange's Operation for Glaucoma Th< Use of

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management of the cases ; upon my inquiry whether cancer was a cura-

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may usually be so manipulated as to control all but the most dangerous

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said there was some obstruction to the discharges from the womb.


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