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that danger? lam satisfied that it was not from long or deep ulcera-
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(2.) So far as can be determined, the only other outbreak of this
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Gramous blood and a drop of yellowish mucous, but no pus, escaped..
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In domesticated animals, apart from parasitic diseases, the diseases
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with silk sutures after removal of the sac itself. A surgical dressing
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aortic lymphatic gland situated beneath the dorsal port:^^^ ^ ^
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because >^ the widespread fear of diphtheria which had been en-
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slight history of its use by practitioners of a remote age, it must have been
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number of complications, relapses, and deaths in typhoid fever.
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and obstructs the elimination of decomposing and effete matters from
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Even when poisoning is not fatal, it is very apt to produce abortion.
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The heart beats more rapidly, the superficial veins appear swollen,
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stitial forms (mammary lymphangitis) can be distinguished from the
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bly on the offender. Nevertheless, Dr. Carpenter justly observes- that this
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imperceptible; cold affusion restored him, and he immediately dropped
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can then be applied to the umbilicus. The patients should be carefully
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thai >>( the - omacb or int. stines. Pa as ai n al symptom
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on the surface of the globe, its contagious character is relatively little


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