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worm (Dioctoj^hyme viscerale) of dogs and man. Both of these parasites
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contained in the rumen is often expelled in a powerful stream. As the
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or two exceptions, was represented by some of the ablest men in the pro-
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It is wrong to believe and to teach that the parasitic disease is of
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be attached to this form of acariasis, but its existence and possible
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red ; the pulsation in the tumor was very distinct, and threatened a rup-
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patients become convalescent, they are very apt to suppose that the rules
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and frequent. His head and body hot, but legs and feet and hands were
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water to be poured over it. The spout is to be protected by a piece of
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Surgery. — This as regards the degree of anesthesia obtained,
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Specimens of the three follo^Ymg species of Astragalus have been for-
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What ever disease in its action upon the human body is likely
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ance. The only additional information he conveyed was that it is desti-
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At the late meeting of the American Medical Association the undersigned
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carry out infection in this manner even in very sensitive experimental


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