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(•)— *' Tihio-peroneal Neurectomy for the Relief of Spavin

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they do not so readily undergo softening as those of the lung. The

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leave the centre, where crust-formation is replaced by abundant de-

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In chronic tuberculosis of bovine animals bleeding from the lung

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chest, and how far this "setting" will negative the results of an opening

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is so severe and painful that the patients are forced to remain abso-

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siderably hypertrophied, sensitive, and comparatively immobile. Cases

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of this disease of peculiar interest. And, first, as to the Rhus Toxico-

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follows, causing the rumen to adhere to the internal

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minerals, others still to water, &c. I believe, so far as I have yet learned,

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In exceptional cases the tubercles remain fibrous. More frequently,

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never been w^ell described. Writers have simply mentioned cases of

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of Michigan, and to report the same at the present Session, submit the

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vaccination — a patent that should be as indispensable as a passport — a

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The inflamed areas are usually located on the free part near the frsenum

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its appointments will be i. '"^ _ nts on political grounds,


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