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ploy mild aperient medicines, and avoid all causes of local irritation.

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able, they climb up the stems, and, holding by their two posterior pairs

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ventilated spot. The other classes only received sunlight from the

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room ; prescribed for himself a mild laxative, in the form of a seidlitz

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When only one vesicle exists, the turning movement usually occurs

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former results from irregularity in ossification of the articular cartilages,

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be secured to a tree, and the hind limb lifted by a strip of webbing

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This may be termed the period of crisis ; the appearances are most

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Croupal vaginitis is a form of acute vaginitis, from which it is dis-

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only be practised after casting the animal ; but, in this case also, it is

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disease may, therefore, easily be overlooked. Chronic peritonitis,

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dition to tli se already reported. His summary of th<: paper

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It is apparent to all that the surgical applications of this substance thus

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have we an assurance as to the peculiar therapeutic action of remedies.

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eye appear infected, but examination with the ophthahnoscope reveals

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titioner of medicine, and that it would gladly enlarge its rule on the sub-

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The symptoms point to the existence of stomatitis, oesophagitis, and

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do differently from what you were told by the operator you would do?"

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abling them to direct all their energies in elevating and ennobling the

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thirty-fifth of all the sheep in France every year, causing damage to


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