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some degree, is applicable to other deep-seated growths.

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"There is something rotten in Denmark." There is something radi-

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changed every two or three days. The wounds heal quickly and

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The following day, Saturday, he complained that it distressed

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even higher in the older married couples (black dots).

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of Dr. Th. Billroth, of Vienna, has been publ-shed : ' I have lately seen

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extensive as this, coming from a patient during life, is unusual. It

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a yellow stain. The perspiration contains it, and the body-linen may also

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RZImSmAN; M.D., L.R.C.P., Lond., } CoH5««mfi' £<ii/o«.

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become caseous, and tuberculous cavities, abscesses of long standing,

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After the installation of the newly elected officers,

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naltrexone or procardia treatment for sclerodema

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produced the same train of symptoms that usually foUow the leaving off

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ably, and some of the visceral masses may be quite pale — still,

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sition of this application, as in the few cases in which

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gastric ulcer, gastric cancer, appendicitis, after laparotomy, etc. The most

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or abnormal sensation at the site of the tumors. They- are rather

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Sympathetic Affecjtions op other Functions or Organs. As

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cially in patients presenting cardiac symptoms, as the

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dren, occurring during an epidemic of poliomyelitis


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