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M. Sig. To be taken in the course of the twenty-four hours in
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cause fail to get air enough into their lungs, the inhalation of one or other of these gases, or both in com-
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Among the diseases perpetuated in this way are phthisis, gout, cancer,
graduation have personal experience in practical obstetrics.
action on the part of those who regard the just and merciful
Prices to non-subscribers, #1.25 and #1.50 respectively.
of the reliance placed in * ' Vin Mariani ' ' by the Med-
parts as to require dissecting out with care. It was distended
Operations on the Cadaver, Pathology, Neurology, and
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ticularly to the pain or neuralgic element of the paroxysms. The other
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before the nature, seat, anatomical changes, etc., of different forms of dis-
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Every ounce contains 3-4 dram each of the fluid extracts: Viburnum Prunifolium, Viburnum Opulus, Dioscorea
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proportion of cases, however, some degree of pain or soreness is felt for
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than it is shown to be in the preceding table, (No. 1.)
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examine the general character of the yolume, but such examination has
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The somnolency from the opiates should never become so great that the
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least twice a day. The decrease of heat in the morning is favorable,
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daries of the animal and the vegetable kingdom. But as there is rarely
the bronchial tubes of an entire lobe, extending from the largest tubes to
inches. The difierence between the greatest and least annual fall
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having taken place, recovery is effected by the separation of the false
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a stage cannot be predicated with any degree of certainty on either symp-
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and opium exert their effects on the brain, arsenic and oxalic acid on the
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Be9olvedf That Dr« Fkanois Gt. Smith be requested to pire*
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the abdominal walls during life, and had existed for over twenty jears.
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The fact of enlargement and its degree are determined by the altered
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under the late l^homas M'Culloch, D. D., who was at that time
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order, that, by the appointment of the College, he prepared a brief
affections embraced under the nnme dyspepsia. The ditterential points
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The microscope shows the parenchyma to be normal, with extravasated
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tions for preparing the dressing, with some explanations as to
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makes its way, as in other abscesses, in the direction in which the pressure
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other powders for the skin and mucous membrane are not
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amount of lithate of ammonia. It is also worthy of note that
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mechanical. They will generally bring away greater or less portions of
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As regards diagnosis, phthisis is to be excluded by the extent of the


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