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yellow flesh, among the very handsomest and best of the yel-
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rather more sudden than in primary typhoid. The temperature, how-
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not only upon the intensity of the excitation, but also upon the extent
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dure. The shower bath, which usually has insufficient pressure and is
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reached as late as the fifth or sixth day. Maximum temperatures of
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laryngitis, entero-colitis, and neuritis. In pregnant women abortion
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young children, and water is useful in carrying off the debris
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palpitation, sometimes dyspnea, and precordial pains, which often do not
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nary skim-milk, 2.1 parts; separator skim, .3 part; cream,
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while irritation of the sensory nerves and suffocation were entirely
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tus, is edible, and grows along the roadside in grass in dense
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I'.l, and 20,844 for the following week. Since October 2i!. how-
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Ktiology. — (1) Soil. — It is a generally accepted fact that a certain


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