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thetic. The anaesthetic passes into all the vessels in

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plied — sarcasm at the diction and reasoning of one

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show that the extension of liberty and the dififusion

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cation in the physiology of sex in the public schools^

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set upon two iron rods at an angle of 55 degrees with the outer

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cal problem to compute the dose for each individual

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otiier point on which he insists is that a weakness

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stitutes a still more recent acquisition to the list.)

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After first visit to you, doctor, I hoped for a miracle.

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medicine life may be prolonged, yet death will seize

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13. Surgical Treatment of Infantile Spinal Paralysis,

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The certificate is to the court, and not to the in-

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possibly losing faith in his skill, because they are

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therapeutic results from thiosinamine treatment have

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gional conditions are : Chronic persistent pharyngi-

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Fig. 10 shows the appearance of the colliculus with

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hemorrhage from the bowel, headache, and epistaxis de-

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mulas that have gone forth for doctors and mothers.

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Ala., in this paper directed special attention to the

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demics. In A. D. 790 there was an epidemic which was

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EiiER, Albert H., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Or-

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ers. Epileptics as well as nonepileptics may be subject

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to the hospital and it is believed they have contracted

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Figure 2. Injection from above. Usually not as convenient as injection from below.

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sence of the regular teacher would be less likely to

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43 per c.c. of water. Coliform or intestinal organ-

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less complete. It is the understanding of this fact

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is not a criticism of the popular restaurants, but a

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needs to be cautious always not to over exert in any

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dressing is bad. The pressure it makes causes local

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Russia — Khazan. govci nnient \ug. 1-13 1.176 484

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severe pain in his legs md hack. The intestines were dis-

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adelphia, contains the following bequests : $5,000 each to


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