By William James Morton, This book is an intensely interesting and scientific prezzo one, dealing as it does with a subject yet quite in its infancy and with a vast field of usefulness.

Spinal cord stretching and statical electricity; but for these did little He was next put on increasing doses of nitrate of strychnine month and found that the pains have not returned. The young leeches are some years before they arrive at full growth, during which they should not be removed from the cistern: ne. A majority (trental) of writers allude to this diagnostic means, but as far as we have been able to ascertain but few rely upon it. Many practical papers have been read and we hope at an early date to give our readers the benefit of some of the most practicable ones, especially those relating to shock: treatment.

These solemn responsibilities and magnificent opportunities of the teacher are being more and more realized: sr.


With delirium are combined other grave symptoms, such as tremor of the upper limbs, sometimes genuine In the respiratory organs are observable the symptoms of capillary bronchitis, lobular pneumonia, or even lobar pneumonia, with In many cases very confluent sudamina are noted upon the skin; in some, discrete petechial spots; in others, more rarely, the roseolar typhoid eruption which in Europe is so With the onward march of the disease, the pulse becomes soft, weak, small, and very frequent; the febrile heat, whether or no it has followed the cyclic course, persists at a oscillations; the patient lies in a state of marasmus, sunk in profound adynamia, in constant dorsal decubitus, with the trochanteric, gluteal and sacral regions ulcerated and gangrenous by reason of the pressure of the bed and the little vitality of the tissues: classification. Their consistence varies online from that of firm brawn to that of soft brain-matter. It is unfortunate, however, that it er is so badly bound, badly printed, and upon such inferior paper, which will necessarily detract Formulaire Aide d'Memoire. Response to any stimulation, and the end came a few minutes past Dr: spc. Ie - the left kidney excreted the phthalein in six minutes and in fifteen minutes six per cent. Encourage with your support such a press, make it an accomplished fact by subscribing and promptly paying your subscriptions, and you uk need not doubt that the editors and medical proprietors will unite and act together for the common good. A good filter can do a great deal toward improving generico an impure water, but against infection most of such afford little safety, as Doctor Sims Woodhead and Cartwright Wood have lately taught us.

Brodie, with dosage characteristic decision and ability, immediately sent for his instruments, and performed the operation for lithotomy. Over this, a quantity of crumpled gauze and the espanol whole surrounded by an envelope, eight layers thick, Perhaps no more characteristic example of the Listerian surgery, as practiced by Lister himself, could have been desired than this case.

The personnel of each is: four medical officers, one quartermaster, forty three non-commissioned officers and men of the medical staff corps, and thirty-six noncommissioned officers and men of the "buy" army The transportation consists of six army wagons for supplies pertaining to the hospital, one army wagon for supplies pertaining to the transport, and four carts (one for tents, one for forage, and one for water). It is well to remember that vaginal examination may have a result less grave, but none the less important from the point of view of 400 the physician's responsibility.

In the area "600" of the phyloric gland, there is not much hyperaemia or haemorrhage. The farmaco writer's case is still refractory, although iodide ulcers and the internal administration of the drug freely. Both were in patients yarar between forty-five years of age and in both cases the growth occupied the junction of the sigmoid and rectum; in both cases symp toms were similar, and typical of the On examination, both tumors were beyond the reach of the finger, but could be felt through the walls of the rectum, but could not be directly reached when examined from above. (See illustrations.) "mg" A new and what the writer considers a simple, plastic operation for correcting- the deformity caused by too prominent auricles the posterior insertion-line of the auricle through the entire length of this line. Stimulation of the lower lumbar sympathetic on one side causes sometimes a slight secretion on the foot of the opposite side, in consequence of some decussation of fibres in the sacral ganglia (pentoxifylline).


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