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On the 19th of July, 1852, we were called into an adjoining district,

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young ages at entrance, as well as of advanced ages. Adverse

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the large colon is almost impossible owing to the relation of the bowel

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virulent, and may affect one- third, one-half, or the whole of the gland.

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entire cours of the large bowel around to the cecum. It lias

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which was admirably regulated to an extent sufficient for all purposes, yet

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and Kovelli afterwards found it in about 75 per cent, of the sheep

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has arisen, we all get about equally bad results. There are. how-

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even above, normal right up to the time of dilatation.

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Lake George, N. Y., at Lake George, N. Y., October 14.

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frequently pass into a state of decomposition, which is communicated to

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a moderate quantity of fluid, and combined with a quantity of laudanum,

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toms, general or local, develop which arc summed up under the

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Diagnosis is not difficult provided the history of the case is known.

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Of the treatment of the fully collapsed state I have nothing to say. I

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only the type of the fever, but the grade of action may be regulated.

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tality following in its wake? and has not the cry been echoed back by

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and pathological congestion, infiltration, and desquamation may follow,

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the base of the opposite horn, is then applied in spiral turns, completely

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juries to the teat or udder as soon as they appear.

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six or seven next morning, and then sleeping, with like soundness, two

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the cacodylate of sodium is preferred by the author.

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