Antabuse For Alcohol Abuse

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It is sometimes an advantage to expose the seat of operation. In

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mation that at some previous time the animal had swallowed such and

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rendered easier by the fact that deformities are usually asymmetrical,

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suture of the divided ends, provided the sutures and dressings are applied

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walk on the knees. The disease, however, is uncommon in these animals.

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Treatment. Treatment is restricted to the appHcation of a bKster or

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tensive wounds must sometimes be produced ; these may be sutured.

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typhus fever with increased action of the heart and arteries. Mr. Rodgers,

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strongylosis, but Lignieres asserts that the Argentine cases showed

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over all of the diseased members of the flock should be maintained so

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and in which were thousands of eggs in the segmentation stage. Still,

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do not yield on auscultation the sounds described as peculiar to the

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ment, and the clear water does not present any. When it is fed, its re-

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never to resort to treatment unless suppuration has occurred and the

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to bend his head to one side, and down towards a shoulder. His mother

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minutes or half an hour, after being completely narcotized, previous to

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material substance as the cause of cholera. It should be remembered

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is supposed to be dw*- to some affection of muscles, spinal

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bles, milk-sickness, sick stomach &c., disappeared. Good water, a

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fications in the breathing, such as immobilisation of the hypochondriac

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creases from year to year its moral power and influence, which have been

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1819 to 1828, there were transported to this spot 2,765 cadavers, of

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this plan has been generally adopted at the Salisbury Infirmary.

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of successive mouthfuls of food, sudden cessation of mastication, etc.),

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independent of any other, much labor in copying might be dispensed


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