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firm the position we assume that trephining will relieve or cure apoplexy and
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from the brain and spine, and produces the phenomena of life and motion
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the lower insertion of the diaphragm, and that the pericardial sac is
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false membrane adhere to the nose and lips. Other symptoms are : fever,
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Diagnosis. In general diagnosis is easy, thanks to the slowness
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I have used morphine with atropine before giving ether in a
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the mysteries of Spirit Rapping. Having myself spent some time in
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to get the necessary rein on the heart so that it may better re-
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clear, broad from above downwards, and extends to or beyond the hypo-
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only show^s that great benefits might be derived if proper sanitary
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four or five days. Cases of spontaneous recovery are exceptional.
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allowing but 19.68 inches to be distributed through the ether nine
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or from wells in which the water was a short distance from the surface of
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Treatment. The only treatment consists in surgical intervention.
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by incontrovertable proof. But before entering upon a description of the
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composed of the same kinds of substances, the amino-acids and
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Prognosis. The prognosis should be reserved, because it is never
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portions, we have found nothing to equal it in exciting and promoting
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A. B. presents herself at 5, P.M. She is pale, weak, and tremulous ;
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twenty-three out of one hundred and forty-six persons, and a high putrid
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directly extending to the synovial membranes, and only after an interval
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portion is carefully washed, freely dressed with some non=irritant
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now, but pathologically — its effects under certain conditions are scarcely
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may take on char act eristics of various crises, as gastric, cardiac,


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