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the deformity that was left. An interesting feature was the
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fication of diseased action growing out of prevailing ejndemic influences.
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heaped up about it. Schmidt used powdered digitalis given by the
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Second stage. Perforation of the peritoneum and discovery of the
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serum in the fatty tissue, muscles pale and flabby, catarrh of the
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would not suppress, but would spread the disease. The effect would
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formation of secondary exogenous daughter cyst ; t, daughter cyst with
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of the State and with the co-operation with the State Hoard of
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the domesticated animals. It must, however, be regarded as an almost
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A. W. Freeman, Richmond, Va., the Committee on Typhoid
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gingivitis, periostitis, mercurial poisoning, actinomycosis of the maxilla,
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made manifest in the increase of Slate and County societies, and in the
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been found to be good, healthy springs, and have been used safely for
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much weaker than usual, are audible above the normal points.
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of twin pregnancy, although the size is less than usual in that condition.
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There is another means which the moral sense repudiates, and in
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they are almost inwardly due to enfeebl menl of the peripherea]
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Formvhe for arsenical dijys. — Finlay Dun recommends the follow-
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Latin word to exhibit', that is, to make a show of the medicine. A shop-
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and Professors, who discourse on general subjects — Law, Theology, An-
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organisms'in the transuded liquid. Properly speaking, it is not a morbid
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mountainous regions, in which the interdigital ligament is stronger and
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Cash received from all sources during year - - $1,905
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ducts are absorbed through the stomach or intestine and pass into the


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