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portion of the interior of the uterus and may thus detect any
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friend Diday, of Lyons, in a moment of laudable philanthropy, where
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diminishing the natural effects of respiration and retarding other vital
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lives outside the hair, and both outside and inside the hair follicles;
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the disease. The micro-organism is not pathogenic for any of the
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Dr. Yandell of Ky.. in the absence of Dr. Gross, the Chairman of the
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were prominent symptoms. Five day- later the joint- began
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ner, thereby getting his confidence if possible. At the same time
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On the left temple was situated one of these indurations of the size of a
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spent its force upon a single point, or was it produced by previous disease
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the eye defects of the parents, and certain it is that Myopia will
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disseminated the doctrines of the reformers of divinity, philosophy and medi-
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been much unwell before he was seized with a violent chill, which was
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sensation, and a few repetitions will generally suffice to develope the
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of observations for this purpose, and to collect and report the results.
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on the road, but they invariably become hard as the disease advances ;
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tions remained attached. The largest of the exostoses was about an
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in abeyance, there is atony of the rumen and chronic dyspeptic
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on Medical Theories and Vital Statistics. By Samuel G. Armor,
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BO much the worse, mt for the views, hut for the laws which
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In females the ureters and kidneys can be examined in the same
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quarter of the United States is very common throughout Montana. In
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1 7- 1* >, 1911. The general meetings will be presided over by Dr.
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in the upper portion of the groin, which upon pressure, gave a sensation
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with subcarbonate of bismuth. The x-ray picture of the stomach
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opening, the operator may then proceed by one of several methods.


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