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''In the Matter of an Inquiry, directed to be held by the

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just as insanity is a variation from the individual norm, and that

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of Consumption is often suspended by pregnancy, and while a

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of this epidemic, was exceedingly high, it being at tlie

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of scapula, where it is only equal with the right ;

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ovulation. There are other facts which ]K)int to the death of the

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now ponding before the legislature, and flrst as to

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ged, woolly surface, and somewhat like little rolled balls of cot-

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not having been excessive considering the fact that the large majority of soldiers

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amongst the surgeons. All this is vividly related in the diary of Sir

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they proved efficacious. Mercury had long been used

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52,641 animals in the aggregate have been slaughtered healthy

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All these bills should be passed, and we should do all we can to hdp

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the cells, with the exception of an excessive amount of pig-

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the last being exceptional. Colon and typhoid bacilli are the principal

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of carbolic acid, and siapor and coma occur. Tl^e convul-

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There is no true racial immunity in this disease. Occasionally a

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it has been urged that in these cases the acetone is referable to the

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completely and uniformly infiltrated (after Da Costa), . . . 104

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have been etherized. Necessarily, a considerable amount of time is

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ease under observations, do not appear to me recon-

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portance and may give most valuable therapeutic indications. In a

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no danger of communicating the disease after the acute attack

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tion, I found two fistulae, centrally located over the lower end of the

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Mayo, directs the study's National Coordinating Center.

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Orleans, La. Swaery, Gynecology and Obitetric$, May, 1915, vol.

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marked. A. M., pulse 120, resp. 22, temp. 99° ; P. M., pulse 128, resp.

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a mere variety of the preceding ; and general imperfect hypertrophy. Thus an

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concluded his paper with the relation of the particulars of

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of the shoulder. About one year afterward, in the same

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" Secundus," as Professor Struthers in his masterly book on " the

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communities, 1994. Wisconsin Medical Journal, 1994; 93(11); 569-572.

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years, been unable to take food rich in fats. A distaste for fats is a

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~ .V t'riipriuii are fully manifested. It is not so eau^y at a


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