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The following gentlemen were then recognized as members, having

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one who may impart the disease, it need be minnte only subsequent to

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tapeworm of dogs. Since this parasite develops its larval stage in

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monary tissue has undergone gangrene; and incision of the diseased

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it would seem the best course to slaughter the animals before wasting

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she incautiously exposed herself to cold in washing clothes at a river.

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physician had those evidences that would and did exist under law-sus-

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the mucous membrane ; the slough soon becomes delimited and separates.

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In the treatment of this disease it is all important to look

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for immortality, who holds no part nor parcel with the branded class.

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he is deprived of the pleasures of his family to a large

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siderably hypertrophied, sensitive, and comparatively immobile. Cases

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Swedish emigrants suffered more severely than any other class. For

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inclined slightly from above downwards, and from left to right, its ex-

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tinal form might possibly be cured by administering purgatives and

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nausea and free vomiting, with great paleness, coolness, and moisture of

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1846, and fourteen years of age at the time of the death of the last of

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certain cases of tonsillar disease bj Rosenheim (Bull, J

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lives outside the hair, and both outside and inside the hair follicles;

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between layers of bowel, which are connected by an inflamed layer of

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turn of it for eight or ten days, when the plaister was again resorted to,

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and interstitial hepatitis). These produce compression of the portal

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quantities of material fall of bacilli is much more dangerous than

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Animals older than three years . . . . . . . . . . 80

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In quite a large number of instances in which I have observed the ox-

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two parts to the plan of our campaign. The first part will be to look to

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lostomes, etc.) cause more or less grave lesions. •


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