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although the veins of the abdominal cavity are abnormally dilated.

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which the head protrudes; while from the position of the limb at the in-

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late hour of the operation. The matter was entirely an accidental occur-

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The histories of epidemics, as far back as the time of Hippocrates, have

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more marked, whilst crepitant and mucous rales are heard. In the

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to the base of the horns by small bandages. Guittard recommends

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illustrating varieties and complications in the disease ; others still, de-

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istration. Strychnia is sometimes 'useful when the first sound

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graver, for the little creatures rapidly become anaemic and die in a

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Pathological disturbance only follows the use of decomposed pulp.

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cures seem to have resulted from its employment, especially in the

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which he is sure to receive from a grateful and beneficent people.

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1'.. C. Sewall, San Francisco ("Journal A. M. A . September

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and moral power of the profession of this region, as a body, cannot be

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ness nor any one symptom to draw attention to the stomach. But there

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be fattened and thus prevented from becoming a total loss. Although

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hot hip-baths, and medicines which stimulate the bladder and rectum,

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excited sensibilities that lead to no external action, constitute his chosen

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the rumen also comprises analysis of the gas collected through puncture

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early presence of a peristalsis indicates that the abdomen or

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fistula travels upwards and backwards (see Fig. 183).

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air. On the contrary, the sudden manner in which the alarming symp-

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within the globe of the eye. The most logical treatment consists in


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