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or else cystitis will develop in a few days. If a cystitis already exists, then
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ally after a few months, or even weeks, ended fatally — generally in diabetic
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lower) produce a better. quality product becauafe upon thawing, slowly
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year of study. Resident dresserships : These are appointed to reside
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to them, and their only interest is to utilize the accident to the utmost— i. e.,
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Medicine are advised to complete a minimum of 3 courses in Obstetrics and Gynecol-
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the examination of the motor power of speech as such and of the understand-
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dealing with lymphoid or myeloid cells. In true lymphaemia the bone-marrow
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acter and mobility of the joint become plainly manifest. A Eontgen-ray
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parts, in the dura mater, the periosteum of the cranium, or the cranium itself
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Bledicine. The dispensaries afford great facilities for the stndy of Cntaneooa
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tracting the child by the shoulders, in forceps delivery, etc. Such obstetrical
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invariably in a regular order corresponding with the first, second, and
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Preliminary examination will be allowed against the twenty guineaa
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Greek, Natural and Moral Philosophy, which examination each student will have
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Morton J. Hamburger, M.D., Assistant in Medicine, Douglas Smith Foundation.
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the whole arm. The diagnosis of neuralgia as such is usually easy; we must
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disturbance. The patient complains of vertigo, becomes dull and stupid, or
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influences in their production (vide infra), but no absolute proof has yet been
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because his statement was wrong. He feels that all his thoughts and actions
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It is also worthy of mention that in a few cases genuine gummatous disease
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in the muscles themselves. The old, long contest whether the " seat " of pro-
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^pril — ^£5 5s. ; Practical Chemistry, fee per term for six days weekly,
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in their heads in a few seconds; others still are musical prodigies and can
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portion. Li the Elements of Mechanics, the examination will include
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purulent cloudy spinal fluid, or at least one containing many cells, is obtained
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DPSC Manual. After you have entered this information t'blanks 1 through
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the temperature may rise to 104° or 107° F. (40° to 42° C). After a day
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4. ^ ■ ^sjseant by the -1-1n.4« or "3 out of 4- when referr-
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rarely indistinct. The nuclei of the sarcolemma are much increased, and the
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tion. Wim Prize, for the best essay on a given subject. Hichen's Prize,
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mal acuteness of hearing, but no disturbance of taste; seat above the genicu-
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in the sheath and the connective tissue of the nerve. It is, however, of rare
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Euripides Nittis, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery.
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ite seat of new growths. The symptoms are in a majority of cases quite char-
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anaesthesias in the strict sense of the term. Traumatic influences, compression
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