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the disease in a grave form arrives at this stage, uninfluenced by treat-
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Dull colic and groaning are not uncommon. Finally, Thierry and
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Prophylaxis. Should a case of septic metritis occur in a byre con-
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shedding of the temporary molars favours such accidents, and this is
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The only false statement which we care enough about to contradict, is,
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mortality may be high : as much as 15 per cent, to 20 per cent, according
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identity of the two diseases on the basis of a comparative study of
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be secured to a tree, and the hind limb lifted by a strip of webbing
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two walls of pleura, etc.) ; the layer of air imprisoned within the pleural
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bound, in reference to the innocuousness and availability of the opera-
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in the bovine species it is usually found at the base of the tail. It causes
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and minutiae ; but this is not the class among whom we shall find pri-
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sensation u as if you had lungs under your ribs," followed by reduced ir-
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ly solemn reverence, when if they happened to know what common-
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lent precept recommends a prompt emission of urine after every suspi-
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Dr. John Edwin Hays, of Louisville, has returned after a
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acute infectious diseases, annual parasitic Jiscjima, constitu-
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pearance and consistence. As a diet, as well as an auxiliary in the treat-
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small intestine of the dog or wolf, the eggs are scattered over the ground
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tunes, shall never be the work of the Peninsular Journal, while we hold
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illustrating varieties and complications in the disease ; others still, de-


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