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One evening in September, 1912, after he had returned from the races
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time of a pain in the head, for which he was blistered, and the pain soon went
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Urine Examination. Reaction, acid; sugar, none; pus, none; albumin,
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The patient, Edith V., a married woman, aged thirty-one years, had
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of mercury inunctions and considerable KI by mouth. Before this treat-
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produced, and with this view a larger quantity of laudanum may be
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We can now see the errors involved in the interpretation of
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much more copious extracts from his work than our limits will permit;
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recollect ttie dillicuily with M-hich, on some occasions, fractures of the ribs are
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To adopt the ancient Cnidian precedent and describe each
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from observing the characteristic marks already detailed, I had no difficulty in
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a hitherto unsuspected meaning to the ringing of bells. It is a
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ents of urine. The nature and treatment of each of these varieties is
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unable to discover any lymphatic efferent vessels in certain glands of dogs,
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By Thomas Andrews, Esq. — The object of the following experiments is to de-
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The treatise before us is divided into three grand sections. In the
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ied above and below the wound in its coats. The patient was dismissed cured
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death may be said to arise directly from intermittent fever. In the Northern
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used. But what necessary evidence was lacking of a meningitis?
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out favourably is that in which convulsions occur, (namely, epilepsy^) while, in
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In concluding the prize essay, the author claims a credit which ap-
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At 2 p.m. vomited and appeared very weak. Artificial or external circu-
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54. Accidental poisoning of three negroes by Cantharides. — The following inte-
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of an organic lesion of the mitral or aortic valve, often of both.
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ostitis, sore throat, and eruption on the skin, then we may, with confidence, refer
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think very justly, laments that such should be the case.
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fairly bright and intelligent. Absolutely deaf, but can read the lips a
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absurd to suppose that a lesion of that kind could have existed, the
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circulation favours the coagulation of the circulating fluid; the continued addi-
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thirty-two of the living, casts were discovered in urine which did
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