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relating to the internal history of the medical profession in

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low our du-ections with a view of business. There may be

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posterior clinoid process is separated from the anterior clinoid process by

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slow and its relaxation is delayed, while the dynamometer shows the grasp

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ties enjoyed by blood-serum, from which it would appear

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ably, was on the whole higher than in the cases which were

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lobes, is wanting. Pneumonitis is generally abruptly developed, and is not,

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If it is recognised that the lesion is a chronic transverse myelitis,

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All material other than scientific should be received prior to the first of

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of gentle exercise. Strychnine is indicated, and, in conditions of restless-

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thus generated are very unpleasant to many asthmatic patients, and are

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are so striking and important that they make it easier to

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should add E. Rohde's Psyche: Seelenkult und Unsterblichkeitsglaube der Griechen

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and discipline throughout the institution, and yet at the same time a free-

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and energetic disinfection, a favorable result may be looked

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The Congress was brought to a close on Saturday evening

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understood fully the secret of teaching clinical medicine,

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ment," asserts that this ether is so pure and anhydrous

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epidemics of 1831-32, and 1848-49, years were occupied in their movements

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lesion on the right eyelid, and it is obviously papillomatous. I am not

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you address a letter of thanks to this excellent brother, and place this

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and the possibility of avoiding altogether the use of anaesthetics which, in

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render the free evacuation through puncture of the spinal tlieca com-

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as an established canon of surgery that division of the

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ninth, twelfth, or sixteenth beat. The tongue is coated with a

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owe their infliction to gonorrhea. It has been estimated that probably

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unhappy mother has herself been the sacrifice, w^hile

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them into the back of the patient's throat upon a small mirror attached

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and atheromatous changes of vessels are necessarily contra-indi-

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many of the special characteristics (flagellation, sporulation) have

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Sometimes there is great difficulty in breathing, and

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least one of the causes of so many that it is left in middle line and should

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In the evening the diarrhea became much worse, and was accompanied by

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or whether they were influenced by popular opinion, or oral

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