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neck usually leads to blood examinations which make it pos-

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The most frequent clinical adverse experiences in controlled trials were dizziness (8.6%). headache (5 5%).

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tom. Danger from uraemia is not passed, although the albumen may have

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and we can postpone and perhaps limit general infection

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frequency of pulse, distress and anxiety referred to the epigastrium,

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menstruation, or too early cessation of the menses, amenorrhcea more

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of sodium, especially in rheumatic iritis. It was also of great

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of the State Medical Society, I discussed this with him

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In 1959, Doctor Eck became a member of the “50 Year

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showing that, as a rule, the occiput rested on the arm or lap.

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methods, it has been possible to show that bodies of this order may

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organ more susceptible to the influences which reach it from other

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the urine has certain characteristics amount and gravity like those of

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Art. I. Hepatic Abscess Successflluy Treated by the Aspirator.

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appears to hasten the second stage. The free secretion of mucus is not

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lation follows carefully the original text, such changes only being made

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out, inwards, and the smaller the pieces the sooner are they melted.

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Value of corn hearts. — Duggar ° fed three lots of 3 pigs each to com-

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after the death of the person or animal as possible, and should be

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pressure of the maternal passages which diminishes the transverse

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1804 Essay on the Stafford Mineral Waters, by Dr. Samuel Willard.

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ura^mic hemiplegia may in excei)lional cases persist for

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rluige resulting, the laryngotomy wound was closed ; healing was rapid

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seems to agree with the account of its properties givep

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especially in some parts, are wholly inadequate for sanitary

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observation from the early part of their attack of relapsing fever to the

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the director. On introducing the finger the aperture in the


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