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Every operative procedure will excite an irritation, and may induce a

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still in excellent position, but that the woman's abdomen wa-

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of the alimentary canal, whether functional or organic, will more generally

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taminated with this fern, and another states that cases are quite frequent

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Direct contact between healthy and diseased animals and the

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performed its function as an excreting surface. The mucous surface of

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Are the subjects of Convulsions and of Anasthesia Consciovs?

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condition however, above referred to, when the purging is more severe

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undergo complete degeneration, the cause of which is difficult to

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dent, Thomas Owens, Hinckley, 111.; Third Vice President,

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tion is a common symptom in many diseases, some of which are purely

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abortionisl when they miss a period, whether pregnanl or

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Transactions of the Peninsular State Medical Society. 483

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too close to the glandular tissue, a fragment of which has remained

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grains, toxic or irritant products may even find their way into the milk,

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least to fix it in position. In consequence of a sudden change in the

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region of the flank. It shows whether the rumen is full or empty,

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length of time it may safely and satisfactorily be administered ;

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tural, for the inspection of the curious non-professional inquirer. Let the


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